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Meltblown Machines

Meltblown Machines

Relying on many years of professionaldevelopment design and production experience, combining with market demand, ourcompany has successfully researched and developed large width polypropylenemelt-blown nonwovens production line. This production line can realize 95+ andabove standards according to different configuration plans, providing theoptimum production line system solutions. 

Melt-blown fabric is an important materialand has a wide range of applications in many fields. It mainly uses melt blown PP(Polypropylene) as the main raw material.

Melt blown non-woven fabric is one of thefastest-growing non-woven fabrics. It is known abroad as the shortest-flowpolymer one-step production process.

Melt-blown method is a method of directpolymer web forming. It is a method of extruding a polymer melt extruded by ascrew extruder to extrude the melt stream by extreme high-speed andhigh-temperature airflow or other means. Very fine fibers are formed, and thengathered on a web-forming drum or screen curtain to form a web. Finally, theyare reinforced by self-adhesion to produce a melt blown fiber non-woven fabric.

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