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Start-up and Heating Up of the Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Machine

Start-up and Heating Up of the Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Machine

Issue Time:2021/11/05
 the specific precautions for starting the meltblown non-woven fabric equipment

For the new meltblown system in meltblown non-woven fabrics, when the system is started from the cold state for the first time, it includes screw extruder, melt filter, melts pipe, spinning pump, spinning box, and drafting air. The heaters and other equipment must be heated simultaneously, and all equipment must be in a normal state. During the heating period, the spinning system should be in an offline position. The followings are the specific precautions for starting the meltblown non-woven fabric equipment.

1. Heating method

After the new spinning box has passed the 65°C low-temperature heating test, after confirming that the system's technical status is normal, the rate of 15-20°C/hour can be increased from room temperature, 65°C, 160°C, 265°C (or the temperature required by the process).

The temperature is raised in four stages, and each time is kept for about 1 hour. After the temperature is stable, the temperature is raised. During the temperature rise stage, all heaters should be put into operation, and the temperature of the spinning box should be evenly distributed.

2. Management work during the warming up period

The management work during the heating and heating period of the spinning box can refer to the spunbond system. When the temperature reaches the set value, an equilibrium holding time of 0.5 to 1h must be required to ensure that the melt in the system can be completely melted and can flow normally. Depending on the ambient temperature and the configured heating power, the spinning box will heat up from the cold state to start up and run, and the required time is 3-4h.

During the heating and heating of the spinning box, the remaining oil on the spinning box, melt pipe, hot air pipe, and moisture in the insulation layer will vaporize or evaporate, and some white smoke will be emitted at these parts. , It will also produce a burnt odor. After about 30 minutes, the amount of smoke produced will gradually decrease, and the smell will fade and disappear. This is a normal process.

Therefore, there must be personnel to monitor at the test site, and careful inspection must be performed when abnormalities occur, and the test can only be continued after troubleshooting. A certain number of dry powder fire extinguishers should be prepared on-site for urgent needs.

During normal production and operation, the heating process can be accelerated without the need for heat preservation. Depending on the temperature at the beginning of the heating process, when the temperature reaches the set value, an equilibrium holding time of 0.5-1 hours must be required to ensure that the melt in the system has been It is completely melted and can flow normally. This is particularly important for production lines that use sleeve-cylinder melt filters because the heating time required for this type of filter can reach 6-8h.

In order to avoid the "overshoot" phenomenon in which the temperature greatly exceeds the set value during the heating process, a gradual approach can be adopted, that is, the temperature rise is set in stages, rather than the one-time setting method of "one step". It can alleviate the "overshoot" phenomenon and shorten the transition spinning time after starting up.

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